Land north of Blackthorn Road, Attleborough

Attleborough, Norfolk

Land north of Blackthorn Road, Attleborough

The Community


Proposed residential development, Attleborough

The proposed development is located on land north of Blackthorn Road on the north western fringe of Attleborough and is currently used as grazing land for horses.  

The proposed site is within a sustainable location for residential housing.  The town centre is 0.6 miles (12 minutes walk) away from the site.  Attleborough enjoys a good range of facilities and services, including a number of pimary schools and a secondary school.  These facilities and services are capable of meeting many of the day to day needs of future residents and would be readily accessible from the proposed development, with existing footways providing safe walking routes.

Regular bus and train services provide links from Attleborough to Norwich with the closest bus stops being approximately 320 metres from the site entrance.  Consequently, residents of the proposed development would have a range of sustainable transportation options to access local services in the town and further afield.  It would be in line with national planning policy, which seeks to direct development to locations where a range of sustainable transport options are available.

Given their accessibility, existing local businesses and services would derive some modest support from the development due to the addition to the local economy of the spending power of new residents.