Land West of Copperwheat Avenue, Reydon

Reydon, Suffolk

Land West of Copperwheat Avenue, Reydon

The Community


Community benefits

Together with Southwold, Reydon is identified in the current Core Strategy as a Market Town. A Market Town is identified as a settlement suitable for additional housing and employment growth.  The site benefits from, and is in close proximity to a range of facilities and services. Reydon Primary School is within approximately 400m from the proposed site (off The Crescents access point), well within the maximum recommended walking distance of 2km.

A number of local bus services operate on weekdays and Saturday with some services operating on Sunday, providing links to Southwold and Halesworth, Lowestoft and Norwich. The nearest bus stops to the site are located approximately 140m from the site off Copperwheat Avenue or approximately 160m off the access from The Crescents.

Reydon is a short distance (north) of Southwold which hosts a range of other local services. A dedicated footway/cycleway along A1095 provides a safe link between the two settlements.  The site has good connectivity for both cycle and pedestrian to access the facitlities.  Given their accessibility, existing local businesses and services would be likely to derive support from the development due to the additional spending power of new residents.  In these respects, the proposal would support the social and economic dimensions of sustainability as defined in the NPPF.  

The proposal has the potential to link St Margaret of Antioch Church to the rest of the village of Reydon and to the existing play area north of the site, providing safe and secure outlooks from the development.  Furthermore, the site will provide at least 0.8ha of attractive open areas and the opportunity for additional play space.  The development has the potential to create opportunity for infrastructure improvements.