Land West of Copperwheat Avenue, Reydon

Reydon, Suffolk

Land West of Copperwheat Avenue, Reydon

The Proposal

Proposed Residential Development

New residential development for Reydon, Suffolk

The proposal will be established opposite existing residential development and will be well related to the surrounding dwellings so would not appear out of place. The proposed development will be consistent in form with the surrounding development, in-keeping with the existing character of the village.  This large allocation provides a unique opportunity to secure land for the relocation of properties at risk (or already lost) from coastal erosion to a sustainable location.

A development of up to 20 dwellings per hectare is proposed which allows for landscaping and space between buildings.  Strategic landscape has been incorporated into the design of the masterplan which includes attractive open space.  This will conserve and enhance the distinctive quality of landscape and townscape.